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Thank you, one and all, for participating in EMPOP’s first transcribathon on October 25th (and 26th, thanks to Piers Brown keeping the party going at Kenyon College). Across at least six countries, we started transcribing nearly 100 openings of Folger MS V.a.339, completing more than 40 transcripts of over 30 unique images. Several transcribers deserve special recognition for their considerable efforts. Here, therefore, are some of the winners of the first-ever EMPOP awards:

The Wolfgang Musculus award in reformed theology goes to Philip Allfrey for expanding the aggressively abbreviated Latin prose on 3v-4r.

Micha Lazarus wins one of two Josuah Sylvester awards for transcribing the verse on 18v-19r.

The winner of the Sir Thomas More award is Meghan Kern for 23v-24r.

Water poet awards go to Aileen Liu (US category) and Jason Scott-Warren (UK) for (unwittingly?) joining forces to transcribe almost all of 26v-31r.

Mary Learner wins the Nathanael Carpenter award for 38v-39r.

The EMPOP / ROC star award goes to Liza Blake for transcribing the recipes on 100v-101r.

Heidi Craig, Marta Leshyk, and Karol Pasciano each won John Payne Collier awards.

The Richard II award goes to Martine van Elk for 205v-206r.

The winners of the pedagogy awards are Carlo Bajetta and Ileana Sasu.

And the award for the largest transcription site goes to Megan Heffernan and Nora Gabor.

Not all winners have claimed their awards. If they do, their names will appear here also.  Please join me in congratulating all the winners—that’s any of us who got a little better at reading English or Latin writing.

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