The second-ever EMPOP awards

Thanks very much to everyone who participated in EMPOP’s second transcribathon last month. Stretching again into at least six countries (although not exactly the same ones as last time), over two dozen participants completed 166 transcripts of Harry Ransom Center, Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts 79. We also more than doubled our complete transcripts of Folger MS V.a.339, finally reaching the 100-number mark. In recognition of some particularly outstanding performances, here are the winners of the second round of EMPOP awards.

The winner of the Thomas Scott award is Akane Naito for transcribing four pages of “Vox populi” near the start of the Ransom Center manuscript.

Libel awards go to Faith Acker, Chris Alimenti, Laura Kolb, and Aaron Pratt for each completing between seven and twelve pages of political poems in the same manuscript.

Returning champions Martine Van Elk and Meghan Kern earn Essex nullity awards for (unwittingly?) collaborating on the Ransom manuscript’s copy of the divorce proceedings. Meghan Kern, by the way, transcribed twice as much of the Ransom Center manuscript as any other award winner.

Another repeat winner, Philip Allfrey, gets the Musarum Cantabrigiensium award for tackling Latin in both manuscripts, as well as an English prayer written by Cambridge fellow Lancelot Andrewes.

John Payne Collier awards this time go to Dylan Ruediger and two-time victor Aileen Liu for completing various openings in between 107v and 179r of the Folger manuscript.

Please join us in congratulating all of the winners — that’s all of us who learned something about these fantastic manuscripts.

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